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Loving your new carpet is easy

It’s truly a treat to be able to pick out a brand new carpet for your home. When you tailor that floor covering to your specific requirements and preferences, you wind up with flooring you’ll love for many years to come. This material not only offers the well-known benefit of pure, soft luxury underfoot, but it also provides a wealth of color and design options that will allow you to decorate any way you choose. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg, as there are plenty more options and benefits left to consider.

At Floorcrafters Carpet One, you can expect only the best materials, the best services, and the best customer experience possible. We are proud to offer lifetime installation guarantees, as all our installers are employees. We currently serve the areas of Burlington, Fort Madison, West Burlington, Mount Pleasant, and Donnellson, all from our Fort Madison, IA showroom, and we invite you to visit us there at your convenience. Our experienced flooring professionals will be standing by to help get your flooring project started right away.

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Luxury carpet in Fort Madison, IA from Floorcrafters Carpet One
When considering which type of carpet you need, it’s best to first consider the fiber options. For instance, nylon is excellent for high-traffic areas and does a great job of resisting stains, odors, and crushing. Polyester is also a good choice, though just a bit beneath nylon. Wool is a gorgeous option, however, we advise that you only install it in areas that are not highly traveled and that have no chance of dampness or humidity.

Some of the benefits you can expect from your new carpet include a soft, comfortable surface that’s perfect for babies and small children, and an extra layer of insulation, especially when combined with a great underpadding. In fact, this material can help retain enough heat during the winter months that you’ll see a marked difference in your energy bills. That same insulative characteristic also helps to reduce noise levels by great amounts, leaving you with a quiet and peaceful environment, even with children, pets, and guests in the home.

If stains are a worry for you, be sure to ask about carpet manufacturers that include built-in stain resistance. These products assure that nothing will soak into the fibers, leaving your floor looking cleaner and smelling fresher than it ever has before. Some manufacturers even provide extra protection against pet stains and odors, so be sure to mention these if you require them.